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Why Does Blood Clotting Increases During Pregnancy?

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By Dr. Vaishali Sharma M D, Gynaecology,

During pregnancy, a blood clotting ability of a physique increases to a certain extent. It generally occurs as a precautionary magnitude to forestall extreme draining during childbirth. The volume of protein that is obliged for clotting of blood increases in comparison to a protein that prevents clotting.

Problems compared with increasing bent of blood clotting – 

  1. Recurrent miscarriages- A condition famous as APLA (Anti Phospholipid antibody syndrome), is compared with memorable miscarriages. Minute- notation clots are shaped in tiny blood vessels provision nourishment to building embryo. As a result, a blood supply to bud decreases, eventually heading to abortion. If this condition is timely diagnosed and diagnosis is started early during pregnancy, afterwards such a fumble can be prevented.
  2. Preterm Delivery – APLA is also compared with preterm delivery, abruption, beforehand baby or frequency intrauterine passing of baby. Premature babies are in spin disposed to many other compications in breathing, prophesy etc.

Deep Vein Thrombosis that is shortened as DVT is a medical condition characterized by arrangement of a blood clot within a low seated capillary of lady many ordinarily legs. Developing a clot during pregnancy can be utterly critical and if left untreated can serve lead to life melancholy complications. Besides increasing clotting bent during pregnancy, there are several other causes that minister to Deep Vein Thrombosis such as boost of a uterus that tends to emanate some-more vigour on a veins so ensuing in a blood clot.

Risk Factors- 

There are several factors that tend to boost a risk of clotting and building low capillary thrombosis during pregnancy. Common factors embody age i.e. if we are 35 years or comparison during your pregnancy, a chances of Deep Vein Thrombosis increases considerably. Other factors embody hypertension or preeclampsia, serious varicose veins, a family story of low capillary thrombosis, smoking or if we have a C-section surgery.


The symptoms of low capillary thrombosis are customarily celebrated in one leg. The symptoms are fundamentally characterized by a pointy pain in a leg that does not go away, density and love in a thigh or a calf and inflammation in a leg. Sometimes a blood clot in a leg can pierce upwards towards a lungs and can form a blood clot there. Symptoms of this sold condition embody blood in a phlegm when we cough, problem in breathing, chest pain and a fast heart rate. In case, a lady has 2 or some-more abortions or any beforehand smoothness compared with abruption, afterwards she should bear blood tests for diagnosing APLA. Once it is reliable afterwards she needs to be started on blood thinning medicines and injections, whenever she becomes pregnant. The chances of successful pregnancy boost dramatically from 20% (without treatment) to 80%(with treatment).


There are a lot of ways to forestall growth of low capillary thrombosis during pregnancy. The common surety measures embody several pregnancy exercises to say blood upsurge via a physique and walking and stretching during unchanging intervals. The primary aim is to say correct blood upsurge and unchanging dissemination via a body.

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