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What’s The Difference Between HIV and AIDS?

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By Dr. Santosh Kumar Soni , General Physician

HIV is an spreading virus, on a other hand, AIDS is a medical condition caused by a HIV virus. One becomes putrescent with HIV pathogen yet succumbing to AIDS and there are many people who tarry for many years with HIV yet removing influenced with AIDS.

HIV is a Virus-

HIV, shortening of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, can widespread infections on entering your body. The name itself describes a virus, that not customarily attacks a tellurian body but also impacts your immune system; so most so that it renders a whole complement deficient. As a result, a defence complement becomes incompetent to duty as well as it should.

AIDS is a Condition-

As settled above, HIV is a pathogen that can widespread infection in your body, yet AIDS, on a other hand, is tangible as a syndrome or a condition. If a chairman becomes putrescent with a virus, afterwards he/she might presumably rise AIDS during a after stage, if a condition is left untreated.

AIDS develops when a pathogen of HIV has exceedingly influenced a person’s defence system. It is a vicious condition with symptoms that change from one chairman to a other. The symptoms of AIDS are connected to a infection an particular develops as a effect of a shop-worn defence system, that is incompetent to quarrel infections. Such infections are customarily pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer of some specific forms and other corporeal infections.


HIV is a pathogen and AIDS is a condition it might cause. You can have an HIV infection yet appropriation AIDS. In fact, many people with HIV live for years yet building AIDS. Thanks to advances in treatment, we can live longer than ever before with an HIV infection.

While we can have an HIV infection yet carrying AIDS, anyone diagnosed with AIDS already indispensably has HIV. Because there is no cure, a HIV infection never goes away, even if AIDS never develops.

Diagnosis of AIDS is some-more difficult as compared to HIV-

Since AIDS is a final theatre of a HIV disease, it becomes some-more difficult to diagnose it as HIV annihilates a defence cells, famous as a “CD4 cells”. Usually, a chairman is medically pronounced to have grown AIDS once a count of these cells drops to 200 or below. While, on a other hand, a blood or spit exam can detect those antibodies and establish if we have been putrescent with HIV. This exam might be effective customarily several weeks after infection, though. If we wish to plead any specific problem, we can deliberate a general physician and ask a giveaway question.

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