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What are some common complications during labor and delivery?

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By Dr Pranay Ghosh , Gynaecology

A pregnancy that has modernized though any problem can still rise complications during childbirth. Here are some of a many common complications—

  1. Prolonged Labour: This snarl is common among first-time mothers. As a name suggests, a work (the march of childbirth) lasts for a prolonged time, that puts a baby and a mom during a risk of countless problems such as infections.
  2. Breech Position: When a baby has positioned itself conduct down for delivery, it is ideal and creates it easier for a mom to give birth. However, if a baby positions itself bum down, that is called a breech position, it creates smoothness harder. The baby is healthy, though your alloy possibly competence try to manually change a position or perform a caesarean delivery.
  3. Placenta Previa: If a cervix opening is lonesome by a placenta, a condition is famous as placenta previa. This condition can means vicious draining during delivery. Often, caesarean (C-section) delivery is opted to save a lives of both a mom and a child.
  4. Umbilical Cord Prolapse: Sometimes, a umbilical cord can dump by a cervix (and infrequently extend out a vagina), before a baby can enter a birth canal. This is a dangerous and puncture medical situation, given a cord can get blocked and retard blood upsurge to a baby.
  5. Umbilical Cord Compression: The baby keeps relocating a lot in your womb, so a umbilical cord gets unwrapped and wrapped mixed times around a baby during a pregnancy. This is normal and it frequency harms a baby, however, in some cases, a cord can get dense and stretched during labour. This leads to a brief decrease in a blood upsurge within it, that causes short, remarkable descents in a heart rate of a foetus. Sometimes, work can ensue routinely if a baby passes by this theatre quickly, and if it doesn’t, a C-section will be necessary.
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