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What About Fat?

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Since everybody is getting fat, establishment media has started a campaign to make fat beautiful and healthy.

Yes, splashed on the cover of the AARP Bulletin has been an obese female (not sure) with a Mona Lisa smile over the caption: “Good news on fat and health.” This is a real twist for the public mind.

The article started under a picture of the same bizarre fat character as appeared on the front. “How dangerous are those extra pounds? A new study shows that being pleasantly plump may actually be good for you.” Well, the article did quote the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warning that “obesity and overweight were causing 400,000 deaths a year.”

Goodness Has Nothing To Do With It

This new fat movement appears to have a nationwide syndication. In The Birmingham News in Birmingham, Ala., this article appeared, “Study: Being a Little Fat Reduces Risk of Death.”

So the latest establishment poke at a dumbed-down population is that “fat may actually be good for you and being a little fat reduces the risk of death.” I couldn’t believe it!

Boy, this is what obese people are waiting for. They are already in denial, and now they don’t have to be. I know; I’ve been there.

But knowing people, they will take off on this “OK to be fat” message and use it as an excuse to add unlimited pounds.

Don’t you believe it! Fat is a killer. All people who study nutrition that I have ever read agree on this point without exception.

Natural Medicine

Food consumption properly understood is a science. We should consider that what we eat daily is our natural medicine and choose our food carefully. Then reestablishing proper weight is just a matter of time.

Few people really think about what they poke into their mouths. The commercial food manufacturers dictate what is “good” and what we should eat. The result is a nationwide addiction to trans fatty acids like crackers, breads, cakes, French fries and anything made from white flour.

Other deadly fats are the vegetable cooking oils like soy bean oil, soy oil, cottonseed oil or any oil that is not certified organic. Watch for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated.” The oils have a long shelf life, but they shorten yours. That is why the Food and Drug Administration is proposing to outlaw trans fats in our food.

The point is that our diet of trans fatty acids is making us fat while killing us with heart disease and cancer. But know the difference between the bad fats and the good fats. It’s as important for us to consume good fats as to avoid bad fats.

If we want to lose pounds and be healthy, we need to eat good fats. In fact, to have a good lipid profile, we have to consume good fats. Likewise, trans fats destroy health.

Let me say again that fat (food fat) does not make fat. Eating bad fat makes us fat. People just can’t seem to grasp this. They associate gaining weight with eating fat. This is a brainwashing.

Sugar Difficulties

Instead, gaining pounds is directly related to eating sugar and/or carbohydrates. When we are young, it is no problem. But as we age, we become insulin-resistant, and it takes less and less sugar to balloon us up. This makes losing pounds very difficult, as you already know.

So bad fats cause weight gain and increasing inflammation, leading to obesity, diabetes, vascular disease and cancer.

To sum up, avoid all trans fatty acids like fast foods, cookies, crackers, pastries and any and all junk foods. Avoid like the plague hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated shortening, margarine and vegetable oils.

Be doubly sure to eat the good fats like fish, fish oil, cod liver oil, olive oil, coconut oil and real unprocessed butter. These good fats will rebalance your omega-6 fatty acids by increasing your omega-3 fatty acids.

See how quickly you will begin to lose those pounds! Feel how quickly your inflammatory joint problems will disappear! See now your lipid profile will correct and you will avoid degenerative disease and all without drugs.

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