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Weight Training For Women – Why Is It Important And How To Take It Up

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Weight Training For Women

Until recently, women were more skeptical in including weight training in their exercise regimen because of the common myths associated with weights. It is usually believed that training with weights would give women bulky muscles and turn their bodies less lady-like.

But building bulky muscles would need high levels of testosterone and women do not have high enough levels of this hormone for them to build bulky bodies with weight training.

Basic Advantages Of Weight Training For Women

Weight training helps in increasing the bone strength and this in turn reduces the risk of osteoporosis to which women are very vulnerable. It also helps in strengthening the connective tissues thereby improving joint stability and helping prevent injury. Rate of metabolism is increased which causes a reduction in body fat. Weight training also helps in improved muscle toning thereby helping you to develop a toned, firm physique. It is also a great way to keep your tummy flat and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Weight training thus holds a lot of long term advantages for women which is all the more the reason that women start including weight training in their exercise routines.

How To Start

It is always important to get an assessment of your fitness levels before starting any kind of fitness routine. Based on your fitness levels, choose the type of weight training program that is suitable to you. It is also very beneficial if you have a personal trainer to help you follow your regime and guide you properly.

Weight Training

But do not let the absence of a personal trainer be a hindrance. A number of personalized weight training programs are available today in the market. Doing some research on the internet would help you draft your own weight training program as per your fitness levels. But once you start your routine, be sure to stick to it so that you achieve your target fitness levels effectively.

Basic Equipment Needed

Dumbbells are the most common equipment used in weight training. These are found in most of the gyms in varying weight ranges. Barbells are used for bigger lifts. The weight of the bar is usually 15-20 kg Weight plates are placed on both sides of the bars and these are in turn secured with collars. The weight plates can be anywhere between the range of 2.5 kg to 20 kg.

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Number Of Training Sessions Needed Per Week

The type of routines and the number of times you need to do them per week would of course depend on your current and target fitness levels. Having said that, it is suggestible to choose 6 to 10 exercises and do them thrice a week. Another way is to exercise four times a week by concentrating on the upper and lower halves of the body on alternate days (split routines).

Weight Training

Awareness on the importance of weight training for women is on a steady increase and more and more women these days are including weight training in their exercise routines. All the earlier myths associated with weight training are being busted and the advantages being brought to light. So leave behind all your inhibitions, gear up, find yourself a suitable routine and exercise your way into a healthier and slimmer future.

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