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Ways to Lose Weight With PCOS & Insulin Resistance

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By Dr. Sonal ,  Dietitian/Nutritionist

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a many common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. Polycystic means “many cysts,” and PCOS mostly causes clusters of small, pearl-sized cysts in a ovaries. The cysts are fluid-filled and enclose juvenile eggs. PCOS affects one in 10 women.

What are a causes behind it ?
While a accurate means of PCOS is unknown, doctors trust that hormonal imbalances and genetics play a role. Women are some-more expected to rise PCOS if their mom or sister also has a condition.

Overproduction of a hormone androgen might be another contributing factor. Androgen is a masculine sex hormone that women’s bodies also produce.

PCOS Symptoms-
PCOS is a syndrome illness tangible by a collection of signs and symptoms. The symptoms of PCOS that one studious practice can be really opposite from a symptoms of another patient. If we have dual or some-more of a following symptoms, we need to have a consummate checkup to establish if we need PCOS treatment:

  • Irregular or missing menstrual periods
  • Infertility
  • Excess or neglected physique or facial hair growth
  • Thinning hair on a scalp
  • Weight problems, mostly including weight benefit around a waist
  • Skin problems, including skin tags, extinguishing skin and acne

Does PCOS boost weight?
The answer is a ‘YES’. Most PCOS patients are overweight and are asked to practice that helps control a symptoms though a lot many people have a totally normal physique type.

What are a risks compared with PCOS-related weight gain?
No matter what a cause, weight benefit can be unpropitious to your health. Women with PCOS are some-more expected to rise many of a problems compared with weight benefit and insulin resistance, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea
  • Infertility
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Many of these conditions can lead to heart disease. In fact, women with PCOS are 4 to 7 times some-more expected to have a heart conflict than women of a same age though a condition.

Benefit of Weight Loss with PCOS-

Modest weight detriment will not heal PCOS, though it will help. Weight detriment can revive a normal duty of a ovaries and outcome in normal hormone production. This might in spin lead to improvements in symptoms of PCOS, such as additional hair growth, acne or scalp hair loss.


  1. Eat Right: A healthy diet low in polished carbohydrates is important, as this can assistance umpire blood sugarine levels.
  2. Exercise: start doing low-to-moderate activities like walking or swimming for 30-to-90 mins per day since practice (even though weight loss) has been shown to revoke or get absolved of insulin resistance.
  3. Lose Weight: The some-more overweight we are a some-more expected we are to be insulin resistant either we have PCOS or not. Losing only 5% of your bodyweight will assistance revoke your insulin resistance.
  4. Avoid Stress: Don’t over highlight yourself as it increases a blood vigour spin in your physique and can’t assistance to conflict with PCOS. So, try to stay as ease as possible.
  5. Get some-more nap (at slightest 7-to-9 hours in a day): Not removing adequate nap can also make your insulin insurgency worse, that in spin acquires we a weight.


  • Cereals: Barley, quinoa, oats, oatmeal, muesli, bran flakes, whole wheat porridge, brownish-red rice, multigrain bread
  • Pulses: Yellow moong, immature moong, chana dal, beans, whole pulses
  • Dairy products: Skimmed or toned milk, soy milk, tofu, paneer, yoghurt
  • Fruits: Berries, plumps, peaches, oranges, papaya, pears, watermelons, apples
  • Nuts: Walnut, almonds, flaxseeds
  • Vegetables: Carrots, peas, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cauliflower, celery, spinach

PCOS Treatments-
Polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis starts with a correct diagnosis. Treatments are afterwards selected formed on a woman’s symptoms, age and destiny pregnancy plans. Treatment for PCOS might include:

  • Birth control pills to umpire menstruation
  • Insulin-sensitizing medications
  • Ovulation initiation to provide infertility
  • Androgen-blocking medications
  • Topical anti-hair-growth medications
  • Other additional hair treatments
  • Treatments for hair loss
  • Acne treatments
  • Removal of other skin problems

Lifestyle and Prevention-
One of a best treatments for PCOS is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet low in polished carbohydrates is important, as this can assistance umpire blood sugarine levels. Exercise can also assistance a physique umpire insulin and keep additional weight off. Losing weight is severe with PCOS, though doing so can assistance revoke a masculine hormone levels in a body, and some women will start to ovulate naturally. With a correct diagnosis, lifestyle changes and PCOS treatment, women can get service from this condition and a strenuous health problems it can cause.

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