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Vocal Cords Nodules and Polyps: Diagnosis and Treatment

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By Dr. Neetu Modgil, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT), 

Vocal nodules are noncancerous growths that start on a outspoken cords and it is many ordinarily caused by outspoken abuse. Polyps seem as a blister-like lesion, stalk-like growth, strike or flourishing on during slightest one though infrequently even both a outspoken cords. Polyps also tend to be bigger in distance than nodules. Doctors contend that a approach to compute between a sarcoma and a nodule is that a nodule is identical to a cruel and a sarcoma is identical to a blister. Here is all we need to know about outspoken nodules and polyps…


The means of both outspoken cord polyps and nodules are outspoken abuse. Here are all a forms of outspoken abuse…

1. Yelling

2. Trauma to a outspoken cords

3. Hypothyroidism

4. Smoking cigarettes excessively

5. Allergies

6. Alcohol and caffeine


1. Strong pain from one ear to a other

2. Hoarse, oppressive voice

3. Pain in a neck

4. Feeling we have a ‘lump in a throat’

5. Voice as good as physique tiredness


There are 3 categorical exams that start if we go to an otolaryngologist or speech-language pathologist with any protest of outspoken cord nodules and/or polyps. They are:

1. A earthy examination

2. Voice evaluation

3. Neurological exam


1. Behavioral Techniques:

There are several voice therapies conducted by a debate denunciation therapist that can assistance stop your voice from sounding harsh.

2. Medications to Treat Underlying Condition:

This is when allergies, thyroid problems or other causes of polyps and nodules are addressed.

3. Surgery:

This is a final review that is even rarer for children.

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