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Vaginismus – Symptoms and Treatment

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By Dr. Mamta Goel, Gynaecology

Vaginismus is when a vagina unexpected tightens adult or squeezes when we try to insert something into it and we have no control over it. It can be really upsetting and pathetic though it can be treated. Here is all we need to know about Vaginismus including causes, symptoms and treatment.


1. Painful sex – There is blazing or severe pain during sex and we onslaught with vaginal invasion during sex.

2. Inserting a tampon – You will feel a pain while inserting a tampon. Therefore, it is really critical that we do not omit this pain.

3. Internal examination – An inner hearing by vaginal opening conducted by your alloy will also be painful.


There are several probable causes of vaginismus. These embody stress and fear about carrying intercourse, that could infrequently be due to a bad initial passionate knowledge or an upsetting medical examination. However, infections are nonetheless another means of Vaginismus.


The hearing is customarily really discerning to order out infections and it is doubtful that an inner hearing would be performed. Treatment customarily focuses on

1. Managing your feelings around invasion by psychosexual therapy and decrease techniques

2. Exercises to gradually get we used to invasion by pelvic building exercises and vaginal trainers

Treatment is customarily effective and we might see swell in a matter of weeks. In box of a query, greatfully do consult.


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