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Vaginismus: Impact on Marital Relations

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By Dr. U.C.Shanghvi, Sexology

Vaginismus is a rather unpleasant contraction of a vaginal muscles that start on entrance in hit with vigour or earthy hit that occurs mostly during intercourse.


  1. Vaginismus might be primary (wherein a lady can't indulge in passionate retort since of a debilitating pain that follows) or delegate (wherein invasion was probable previously).
  2. There is no accurate means of Vaginismus available by physicians though it is mostly related to before unpleasant passionate experience, a mishap of childbirth, consequences of rape, leavening infections in a vagina or other psychological factors.
  3. Mostly, a pain mostly seems to exist, but any approach earthy cause.


Once diagnosed, a particular is suggested to use a vaginal dilator underneath supervision. The particular is suggested complete therapy along with prescribed earthy exercises.

Impact on Marital Relations-

This disrupts a unchanging passionate functioning of a particular causing her to refrain from passionate retort constantly to equivocate a pain. Sexual dysfunction might outcome in serious marital conflicts. Vaginismus becomes an critical means of brawl in certain marital relations ensuing in a continual plunge of marital compensation on a partial of both a partners. Since there is no loyal earthy cause, it is rather formidable to diagnose and many people finish adult disbelieving their partners generally in a box of delegate Vaginismus where invasion was probable before.

Role of Therapy-

To equivocate strains in marital relationships, a integrate is suggested to go and take retreat in therapy.

  1. Mostly, Adlerian healing techniques, wherein people are done to sense a thoughts and emotions that change their lifestyles and adopt a some-more prolific and certain approach of life, are used to start with for couples traffic with issues per Vaginismus.
  2. Sexual counselling is mostly used.
  3. The partners are speedy to speak to any other per a emanate and a lady is encouraged to open adult about her fears per passionate retort and where a fears originated from.
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