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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit A Sexologist

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By Dr. Satinder Singh , Sexology

If you feel it difficult in channelising your sex-related desires, you should consider taking the guidance or help of a sexologist. All relationships are subjected to misunderstandings of various forms, and issues are more common when your sexual life is fading or not interesting in nature. Many people face such problems, but abstain from seeking help. A sexologist is a therapist specialising is sexual problems and has solutions for dealing with all kinds of issues. Here are some important reasons why you should visit a sexologist:

1. In case you are having a low sexual drive or libido, your physical intimacy with your partner is likely to be affected. Low sex drive can occur due to several factors such as fatigue, hormonal changes, or due to taking certain medicines. You should visit a sexologist when low sex drive becomes a persistent issue in your everyday life.

2. In case you experience intense or compulsive sexual behavior, fantasies, and sexual urges involving strange activities, situations, and objects, you should consult a sexologist. Such problems are associated with psychological issues, and may cause utter distress in your personal, occupational, and social life.

3. Certain physiological problems are responsible for lowering your sex drive, and may disable you to perform well in bed. For men, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and the inability to penetrate in spite of getting a proper erection are common. These can be treated by taking medication, and a sexologist can suggest the best treatment modes based on your conditions, symptoms, and severity. In the case of women, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, and vaginal trauma are common disorders.

4. Problems may arise in your life when your sexual urges and desires do not match the ones of your partner. In such cases, you should communicate effectively with your partner and visit a sexologist together for solving the problem.

5. In case you are preoccupied and obsessed with sexual thoughts that affect your functioning and performance, you may be suffering from a psychological issue. This requires proper treatment, and you should consult a sexologist.

6. It can be possible that you feel guilty of having sex. This happens because of bad past sexual experiences, like being a child abuse victim. Consulting and talking to a sexologist can solve this issue.
You should consider visiting a sexologist when you cannot achieve an orgasm. This aspect is more common in women than in men. Not being able to attain an orgasm in spite of having a high sex drive indicates that you need professional help.

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