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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy Treatment

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By Dr. Sheeja M , Homeopathy

Epilepsy is a commotion of a shaken complement that affects people of all age groups. The primary sign is noted by aroused episodes of physique spasms or contingent movements that are convulsive in nature, also famous as seizures. The best approach to report them is as strange and catchy physique movements. The power of these seizures might change from chairman to person. These seizures start due to strange haughtiness impulses within a brain.

It might benefaction with varying power and duration, and opposite groups of muscles in opposite individuals, during opposite times.

Typically, epilepsy or seizures start due to aberrant electrical activity in a mind that is reflected on opposite groups of muscles.

Epilepsy is a ongoing illness carrying a bent to relapse intermittently and for many years to lifetime, if not sufficient treated.


  1. There might be changes in a mood of a chairman before to a days heading to a seizures.
  2. The limbs might humour from proxy weakness.
  3. You might have headaches, difficulty and myalgia (acute pain in a singular flesh or organisation of muscles).

Homeopathy is strongly endorsed as understanding line of diagnosis along with required treatment, in many cases. Be it depression, stress and anxiety, migraines, blood pressure, or any such disease, Homeopathy has valid to be a best alternative.

It might be settled that homeopathy alone might not assistance all a cases of epilepsy. At a same time, it is value creation a note that many cases of epilepsy that were resistant to a required medication, do respond significantly to homeopathy.

In a cases where mind growth is a means of epilepsy, homeopathy is not suggested as a line of treatment.

Homeopathy provides really effective treatments for seizures, as it is a holistic process of treatment. Seizures being inner disorders of a physique advantage from a treatments that homeopathy offer, as these treatments urge your altogether good being. They concentration on treating a underlying conditions that lead to seizures. The several homeopathic remedies for seizures are –

  1. Calcarea carbonica – This pill is effective in treating anxiety, detriment of memory, rancour and palpitation that occurs in epilepsy. It helps we in descending defunct simply and so relieves a buildup of vigour that can trigger an episode.
  2. Buforana – This homeopathic pill is used to provide epilepsy that occurs from fears or passionate excesses. Some seizures might occur during passionate retort and might be triggered by a activities themselves. Prior to a seizures, we might be irked and speak in an disjointed manner. This diagnosis is many useful to stop seizures that occur due to passionate activity.
  3. Cuprum metallicum – This pill is really useful in treating epilepsy in children. For seizures that are nightly in nature, Cuprum metallicum is intensely effective. It is also famous to revoke a magnitude of epilepsy attacks. It is customarily used in cases where a means of a seizures is possibly a conflict of a menstrual cycle or fear.
  4. Silicea – Silicea is effective in treating nightly epilepsy, customarily caused by mental stress. There might be a feeling of indifference before a part followed by comfortable perspiration. Silicea can effectively detain a occurrence if administered in time.

These are usually a few of a ordinarily used Homeopathic remedies and are mentioned usually to emanate recognition about a efficacy of Homeopathic medicines for epilepsy. It is not advisable to review to self-medication for any disease.

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