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Top Asian Beauty Secrets For Flawless Skin

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From dry, taut skin to fine lines and age spots, banish these skin care woes with these Asian beauty secrets to help you achieve a flawless visage. Swap your traditional mud masks with hydrating tissue masks and include toners as your new beauty essentials to give you clear, radiant skin.

1) Tissue Masks: If you’re in need of a hydrating boost during the cool winter months, incorporate tissue masks into your beauty regimen to get natural, glowing skin. These thin fabric cloths are soaked in serum-based formulas that claim to help moisturize, brighten and even fade away dark spots to get a clearer complexion. These masks also contain vitamins and anti-aging ingredients to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. For best use, soak the packet before opening the mask in hot water and let it sit for one to two minutes to warm up the mask. This will help the serums absorb more quickly into the skin.

2) Oil cleansing: Wiping off your makeup with cloths and rinsing your face with a facial wash may not be enough to get rid of those stubborn makeup streaks after a long day of wear. If you’re worried about makeup residues clogging your pores at night then try an oil cleansing method. Unlike the traditional facial wash routines, oil cleansing involves massaging natural oils, such as castor oil and olive oil, onto your face and then placing a hot damp facial cloth over your face and letting it sit for a few minutes before wiping the oil with the cloth. The steam from the hot towel will open up your pores and the oil dissolves makeup and removes dirt without drying out your skin. Although women with acne-prone and sensitive skin may be hesitant to try this method, rinsing your face with oil is said to help purify your skin and replenish its natural oil levels, which can help control your acne and keep your face hydrated.

3) Toner: Toners are a beauty must-have in Asia and if you want firmer-looking skin, try incorporating toners into your regular skin care routine to tighten up your pores. Unlike the astringent alcohol-filled toners used in the West, toners in Asia are formulated to cleanse and hydrate the skin to remove all traces of impurities while restoring your natural pH balance. It brings moisture back to the skin stripped away by harsh cleansers with its gentle formula that soothes and softens the skin, prepping it for other facial products for better absorption. Instead of applying toner with a cotton pad, pour a couple of droplets into your palm and pat the product onto your face to give you supple skin.

4) Seaweed: This Asian delicacy is a main beauty ingredient in masks in Korea. Seaweeds are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E and amino acids which are perfect to hydrate and soften dry skin. They are also great natural exfoliants in sloughing off dead skin. Whether you’re looking for products extracted from this marine botanical ingredient or want to incorporate seaweeds into your home-made facial masks or even into your regular diet, your skin will benefit from its energizing boost.

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