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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Walnut

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Health Benefits Of Walnut

You find them in chocolates. You find them in cakes! Ever wondered what’s so special about them! Slightly tasting bitter, but often remaining bakers’ and confectioners’ best choice, walnuts provide a great combination of nutrients to your body.

Considered healthiest of the “nut” family, they are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Various studies have proven that walnut consumption reduces the risk of cholesterol and heart attack. Here are top 10 reasons to include walnuts in your diet.

10 Best Health Benefits Of Walnut

Walnuts for a Glowing Skin

We hear of cosmetics in market with a walnut base. The nuts have nutrients which help heal scars and pigments in the skin, adding a glow to them. Hair shampoos and conditioners are also prepared with walnuts to keep hair smooth, shiny and problem free! Walnuts promote hair growth and reduce the risk of hair fall.

Glowing Skin

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

While your doctor might have advised you to stop nuts intake after diagnosing your high cholesterol levels, you could still consider the walnut as a remarkable exception from the nut family. Walnuts have the property of breaking high cholesterol levels and therefore reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts are unsaturated acids which are responsible for this unique property of walnuts.

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

Cure Constipation

How many of us knew that nuts form the fruits. In other words, nuts are the stage before the actual fruit formation. Known for keeping off constipation, fruits consumption has increased tremendously over the last few years. Walnut does a similar job of ceasing constipation, while still being nutty!

Cure Constipation

Stress Reduction

In 2010, Penn State University conducted a “Study on Walnut” on two groups of people. One group consumed walnut and other did not. Researchers observed a lower blood pressure amongst participants consuming walnuts in their diet, compared to those who did not.

Stress Reduction

Increases Bone Health

The omega 3 fatty acids in walnut are significant in protecting bones and bone breakages. The acids have unique properties of strengthening bone health and reduce the risk of fractures.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Breast Cancer Risk Minimized

Breast Cancer, the most commonly occurring type of Cancer growth in women, can be reduced to a remarkable extent by consuming walnuts. Proven researches by American Association for Cancer Research has noted these facts through their research in 2009.

Breast Cancer Risk Minimized

Walnuts for Immunity

There are a very few food items that contain antioxidant properties, and walnut is one of them. They are the right choice to improve immune system, and postpone the aging effect. You would probably want to rethink on the money you spend on beauty parlours and anti aging creams!

Walnuts for Immunity

In Between Meal Fillers

This is especially for those who cannot resist biting into a pastry or cookie during snack breaks at workplace. A handful of walnuts before lunch or as an evening snack is most recommended as these nuts are rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids unlike other common nuts.

Weight Loss

In case you are on a diet and exercise program and wondering if there is some ideal recipe for you, try something with walnut as a base. Significantly increasing the metabolic rate, walnuts are a good choice for weight loss.

Weight Loss

Protein Intake

Protein intake especially in kids can be kept on check by regular walnut consumption. Proteins are growth factors in body and one of the major protein rich food is the walnut.

So, does that give you enough and more reasons to have them?

Ahh, Walnut, the Real Wall, Isn’t it!

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