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Tired During The Day? Your Vitamin D Status May Be To Blame

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If you’re excessively sleepy during the day, vitamin D may be playing a part. But researchers haven’t been able to figure out what it is doing in the body that affects your grogginess.

A study of daytime sleepiness in people who seemed to have adequate vitamin D found that those with the lowest vitamin D were the sleepiest. But among others with vitamin D deficiency, sleepiness and vitamin D levels were linked only among black patients. Surprisingly, in those cases, the more vitamin D they had (though they were still deficient), the more sleepiness they experienced.

The researchers say that this shows that we don’t really understand how vitamin D functions in the body.

“While we found a significant correlation between vitamin D and sleepiness, the relationship appears to be more complex than we had originally thought,” said David McCarty, M.D., the study’s principal investigator. “It’s important to now do a follow-up study and look deeper into this correlation.”

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