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Thyroid Gland Disorder – What Causes It?

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By Dr. Vishal Garg , Endocrinology

The thyroid gland is a tiny gland obliged for a prolongation of hormones that umpire a metabolic rate in a body. Overproduction of hormones by this organ causes hyperthyroidism. Inadequate functioning of this gland causes hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism: Hyperthyroidism is a outcome of an over-active thyroid gland. Studies uncover that this commotion is some-more common in women than men.

Causes of hyperthyroidism-

  • Inflammation of a thyroid gland
  • Graves’ disease
  • Excess iodine in a body

Main symptoms of hyperthyroidism-

  • Increased irritability
  • Brittle nails and hair
  • Weight loss
  • Trouble with sleep
  • Anxiety and nervousness

Hypothyroidism: Low prolongation of thyroxin (hormone constructed by a thyroid gland) leads to hypothyroidism. It leads to reduced metabolism that in spin leads to other associated issues like weight gain. Hypothyroidism occurs in both males and females. It is some-more common among people above 50 years of age.

Causes of hypothyroidism-

  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • Stress
  • Excess oestrogen in a physique that binds to a thyroid hormone and creates it reduction accessible for use.

Main symptoms of hypothyroidism:

  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Constipation
  • Reduced memory

Diagnosis of thyroid disorders and their treatment:
Doctors allot blood tests to diagnose thyroid gland associated issues. The TSH and thyroxin levels are totalled regulating these blood tests. If a volume of these hormones is above or next a best turn afterwards serve diagnosis maybe indispensable to locate a base means of such an occurrence.

The diagnosis for hyperthyroidism aims to retard a prolongation of extreme hormones by a thyroid glands. Depending on a power of a problem, a diagnosis varies from holding anti-thyroid drugs to a surgical dismissal of a gland.

Hypothyroidism can be corrected by holding remedy that stimulates prolongation of thyroxin. In box a emanate is caused by low iodine afterwards doctors might ask a studious to boost a intake of seafood and other equipment abounding in iodine.

Thyroid associated disorders mostly sojourn unclear since people pang from it are unknowingly of the symptoms. Greater recognition about thyroid associated issues can assistance in elucidate this issue.

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