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Thyroid During Pregnancy – What To Know

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By Dr. Pooja Choudhary, Gynaecology,

During pregnancy, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism turn really common. The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland that is situated in a maiden apportionment of a neck. Its duty is to furnish hormones that umpire a body’s metabolism, weight, heat of a physique and a shaken system.

If we knowledge thyroid complications during pregnancy, we will need medical attention. In some cases, pregnancy might means we to knowledge symptoms that are identical to hypothyroidism (low prolongation of a thyroid hormone). Thus, if we vaunt symptoms such as weight loss, queasiness and visit palpitations, do not let them go untreated.

If a thyroid problems are left untreated, they might lead to beforehand birth; lift risks of miscarriage, low birth weight and high blood vigour problems.


In box of hyperthyroidism (excessive secretion of a thyroid hormone), a symptoms are unexplained nervousness, strange heartbeat, slight tremors and nausea. For hypothyroidism (low secretion of a hormone), a symptoms are weight gain, constipation, flesh cramps and an inability to concentration on anything.


Hyperthyroidism occurs when a physique produces an antibody that stimulates a thyroid gland to overproduce hormones. Hypothyroidism occurs when a defence complement of a physique starts to conflict a thyroid gland, so causing it to scale down on a hormone production.


  1. If we are pang from hyperthyroidism, afterwards an anti- thyroid remedy is prescribed that helps to extent a prolongation of additional hormones. If this does not work, afterwards medicine might be compulsory to mislay a thyroid gland.
  2. In box of hypothyroidism, a fake hormone is administered that helps in boosting hormone production. The dose of a hormone is bound according to a needs of a physique so that it does not meddle with other functions of a body.
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