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The Psychophysiology of Human Sexual Response

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By Dr. S K Kaushik , Sexology

Psychophysiology is a bend of scholarship that describes about a attribute between a physiology and psychology (mental responses). It explains about a physiological changes in response to a change in a mood. Psychophysiology of passionate response narrates about a physiological changes that start with a passionate desires.

Many scientist have valid that a phases of sex response involves 4 stages-

  1. Excitement
  2. Plateau
  3. Orgasm
  4. Resolution


This is a initial theatre that a couples get a enterprise or gets wild with any of a outmost factors. Their psychological enterprise to start with a act of sex causes many physiological changes for both masculine and females. They bear changes like increasing heart rate, increasing flesh tension, pap hardened and thick for females since construction of penis in males. Their reproductive structures turn to bloat and moving with increasing blood flow.


This is a second theatre in a passionate cycle in that they unequivocally get their desires to get into movement and gets encouraged to embrace a act. During this proviso a changes remarkable during a initial theatre gets strong and increased. Heart rate, blood pressure gets increased, flesh contractions extends to face, hands and feet, vagina swells for females and clitoris becomes rarely sensitive, might turn unpleasant even with touch. The couples might engage in foreplay during this play that indeed acts a good trigger to boost a strength of a sex.


This is mostly also referred as consummate proviso as this proviso involves a tangible sex. During this phase, there occurs earthy changes like increasing flesh tragedy that spreads via a body. The flesh contraction remarkable in a uterus and a reduce flesh stroke in a penis causes the ejaculation of a semen. This theatre indeed final usually for few mins though a power of this proviso depends on a success of a initial dual stages. They grasp a psychological compensation of a sex during this phase.


In this phase, a physique and mind earnings behind to a normal state. The make physique structures and other changes earnings behind to normal during this stage. It is a famous fact that group grasp this proviso totally though females have a possibility to get behind to a orgasm theatre with any stimulation.

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