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The Eyes Are Windows To Longer Life

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Ever since European explorers stumbled around Florida’s swamps looking for the mythical Fountain of Youth, humans have been obsessed with ways to live longer. Surprisingly to some, researchers have discovered that a key to prolonged life may depend on how your eyes are functioning.

In a study of Australians over the age of 49, scientists have found that folks with cataract-related vision loss who have cataract surgery to improve how they see live longer than others who choose not to have their eyes fixed. In the 15-year study, the people with improved eyesight were 40 percent less likely to die than those who left their eyes alone.

Previous studies had shown that seniors with visual problems are likely to have greater mortality risk than their age peers who enjoy normal vision.

According to the researchers, the possible life-prolonging benefits of the surgery include boosts in physical and emotional well-being, improved optimism, greater confidence associated with independent living after vision improvement and a greater ability to comply with prescription medications.

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