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The Exercise That Burns More Fat Than Jogging

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Running is good for your heart and your weight. But research shows that you can burn more fat with an exercise that is easier than running and doesn’t require getting as sweaty and tired.

According to researchers at the World Heart Federation (WHF), briskly walking every day burns more fat than the equivalent amount of running. Their review of people’s health habits finds that five days a week of fast walking almost doubles the heart benefits that would get from the same amount of energy used up in running.

“Your feet can carry your heart very far in life,” says Srinath Reddy, president of the WHF.

The WHF notes that walking:

  • Increases longevity: Even if you walk only 15 minutes a day, you significantly improve your life expectancy.
  • Significantly reduces your chances of heart disease. Studies have shown reductions in heart disease risk of up to 11 percent.
  • Burns more fat than running: A daily run of an hour drops the risk of heart disease by about five percent. But if you expend the same amount of energy walking, you reduce the risk of heart disease by more than nine percent.
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