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Shower Sex: Yay! Or Nay!

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By Dr. Prof.(Dr.)Saransh Jain , Sexology

Going over a predicament is not easy for everyone, generally when it is associated to enchanting your partner in a act of displaying affection. The frequent, ardent description of showering sex in cinema gives many people a thought that it is an bland occurrence. That couldn’t be over from a truth.

While showering sex helps kindle fantasies as good as disinhibiting and building your sexuality, mentioned next are a few reasons since one should take precautions while behaving this passionate act or equivocate it all together. Lastly, a lot of people find it formidable to have sex in a shower, so if it doesn’t work for you, don’t censure yourself.

Cons of Shower Sex:

  1. Slippery Floor- All of us know that sleazy and damp places are collision disposed areas and showers are no different. Both a partners contingency keep in mind a few precautions before removing all prohibited and complicated underneath a shower. Owning a non-slip carpet is essential and goes a prolonged approach to equivocate twisting, cramps, shocks and unpleasant tumble that might mangle or severely mistreat your arms or legs.
  2. Condoms- It is best to stay out of a showering while carrying sex if we still use condoms since no tests have been conducted to see if condoms can withstand soap, shampoo or any other form of cleansers churned with prohibited water. It could get divided with water, augmenting your risk of pregnancy.
  3. Lubricant- Shower sex can be really worried for women since a H2O washes divided all a healthy lubrication produced. Moreover, for women (usually those who opt for birth control pills) who can't furnish adequate lubricant, showering sex can be painful. However, there are silicon formed lubricants in a marketplace that make carrying sex in a showering easier and some-more comfortable. Do not use H2O formed liniment since a H2O can rinse it divided easily.
  4. Security- Being secure is a really critical cause when it comes to carrying sex in a showering so that one doesn’t mistreat or mistreat himself or herself while in a throes of passion. Only a wall should be used as a support, during such sessions try to reason on to something that is resolutely trustworthy to a wall to urge support. Do not seize railings, pipes, showering curtains, etc. as they might mangle or come apart.
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