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Sexual Dysfunction(Vaginal Dryness) in Women: Know Its Treatment!

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By Dr. Mahesh Nawal , Sexology

Vaginal dryness occurs during menopause due to a decreased prolongation of estrogen in a womanlike body. This also leads to strange periods, mood swings and prohibited flashes (sudden hectic heat). Vaginal dryness is characterized by miss of dampness in a vagina and this can have a disastrous outcome on your sex life.

The vaginal wall is customarily lubricated by fluids that are confirmed by a ‘estrogen’ hormone. Estrogen also helps in gripping a vaginal backing healthy and thick. With menopause, a estrogen levels in a physique take a violence that formula in dipping dampness levels in a vagina. This also formula in detriment of agility of a vagina.

Apart from menopause, estrogen levels can also drop due to a following reasons:

  1. If we are undergoing chemotherapy diagnosis for cancer.
  2. Breastfeeding and birth can infer to be a reason.
  3. If your ovaries have been private surgically.
  4. Usage of anti-estrogen drugs for diagnosis of endometriosis (growth of uterus backing tissues out of a uterus).

The diagnosis for this commotion involves improving your estrogen levels by undergoing accepted estrogen therapy.

The diagnosis involves a following methods:

  1. Vaginal Estrogen Tablet: This process involves regulating an applicator to put a inscription in a vagina to provide symptoms of prickly and sores in and around a vagina.
  2. Vaginal Estrogen Cream: In this, cream is extrinsic in a vagina by means of an applicator.
  3. Vaginal Estrogen Ring: In this procedure, a alloy inserts a ring in a vagina that reserve estrogen to a tissues in a vagina.


To forestall this condition, we should equivocate a use of lotions and oppressive chemical formed soaps on and around your vagina.

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