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Sex during pregnancy: How to stay protected and have fun

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By Dr. Vikas Deshmukh, Sexology

You have sex to get pregnant- no warn there. But what about sex during pregnancy? Is it safe? Or is it improved to not indulge in any movement between a sheets when we are pregnant.

Some couples find that pregnancy is a time for good sex. For others, it might be a time of regard and fears. Read on to find out some-more about creation adore in pregnancy.

Well, sex is positively protected during pregnancy. Yes, if we have a normal pregnancy, we can keep creation adore right adult until your waters break. However, if we have a story of a following problems, check with your alloy first-

  1. Unexplained bleeding
  2. Cramps or abdominal pains
  3. History of miscarriages
  4. History of cervical weakness
  5. Placenta praevia (low-lying placenta)
  6. Multiple pregnancies

Other than these issues, we can continue carrying sex right until we go into labour.

Does sex mistreat a baby?

The amniotic sac, a mucous block that protects your cervix and a clever muscles that support your uterus strengthen your baby. Orgasms usually means slight uterine contractions.

Experiencing amiable contractions might lead we to consternation if sex triggers early labour. Fortunately, studies have shown that there is no determined couple between sex during pregnancy and premature labour. However, if we don’t have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, it is safer not to indulge in sex.

What positions are safe?

Any position is protected as prolonged as we are excellent with it, and not experiencing any discomfort. However, fibbing on your behind in a final trimester is not advised. Consult your gynaecologist, in this case, to know what positions would be safe, or not, for you.

You can have a gratifying adore life when pregnant, and where there’s a will, there’s a way! With a small experimenting, we and your father are certain to find techniques that work for you. And keep talking! Communication and honesty are a keys to progressing or improving passionate satisfaction during your pregnancy and beyond.

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