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Sex During Pregnancy – 5 Facts About It!

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By, Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva, Gynaecology

Pregnancy can move about vital changes in a couple’s lives and lifestyle. Greater caring needs to be taken even when it comes to unchanging activities. The Dos seems to revoke and a Don’ts seem to raise up. Many couples trust that sex during pregnancy is a large No. But sex can be had during pregnancy and it can be good for health as well. Here are a few things each integrate should know about sex during pregnancy.

Increase in sensitivity

During pregnancy, a blood upsurge to a revoke tools of a physique increases substantially. This boost leads to an boost in sensitivity. The additional attraction could make a knowledge reduction than silken for many women if there is not adequate lubrication.


Having sex during pregnancy is not unsure unless a mother-to-be develops some natal complications. Unless specified by a doctors, carrying sex during any time during pregnancy is stable for both mom and foetus.

Effect on a foetus

Many bashful divided from sex during pregnancy since they are frightened that it can means mistreat to a foetus. But a foetus is good stable during all times. The amniotic weal creates a separator inside a uterus while a muscles of a uterus strengthen a foetus from any kind of impact. At a same time, it is always suggested to take a opinion of a alloy before carrying sex during pregnancy.


The effects of pregnancy on a libido of a lady change from chairman to person. For many women, pregnancy leads to a detriment in sex expostulate while for others there is a travel in libido. The hormonal changes that take place in a physique during pregnancy are not uniform. It is really normal if we start losing seductiveness in sex or if we crave it some-more than usual.

Effect on partner

Even if a lady has high libido during pregnancy a same can't be pronounced for a man. For a father-to-be, a state of stress can revoke seductiveness in sex, during a same time he competence find his partner some-more attractive. There is no means for stress when it comes to sex during pregnancy, solely for in special circumstances, so there is no reason to bashful divided from it.

Always ask a alloy before carrying sex once we know that we are pregnant.

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