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Scientists Declare War On Sugar

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Obesity has become a major problem in the U.S., and doctors and nutritionists have been struggling to determine the best ways to encourage people to eat healthier. In fact, the struggle to get American citizens to put down the candy bars and pick up some carrots has become so difficult, that now some researchers are calling for the government to step in.

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, are calling for the government to control sugar the same way it controls cigarettes and alcohol. Their argument is that sugar is far more than just “empty calories.” They claim that sugar raises blood pressure, changes the metabolism and critically alters the signaling of hormones and causes significant damage to the liver

The researchers want the government to recognize that sugar consumption is a public health concern in the same way that they have recognized that drinking too much alcohol could lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

“We’re not talking prohibition,” said researcher Laura Schmidt, Ph.D. “We’re not advocating a major imposition of the government into people’s lives…What we want is to actually increase people’s choices by making foods that aren’t loaded with sugar comparatively easier and cheaper to get.”

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