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Save Your Aging Eyes

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As you age, your eyes are especially vulnerable to damage that reduces your ability to see. But researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health have found two easy tricks to ward off the problems that imperil your vision.

The scientists found that the best way to protect your eyes is to:

  • Stay active and exercise. If you do significant exercise at least three days a week, you cut your risk of visual impairment by 58 percent compared to couch potatoes.
  • Have an occasional drink of wine or beer, preferably about one drink a week or less. The study showed that you cut your risk of sight problems by about 50 percent with very light drinking in contrast to folks who never imbibe at all.

“While age is usually one of the most strongly associated factors for many eye diseases that cause visual impairment, it is a factor we cannot change,” says researcher Ronald Klein, M.D. “Lifestyle behaviors like smoking, drinking and physical activity, however, can be altered. So, it’s promising, in terms of possible prevention, that these behaviors are associated with developing visual impairment over the long term. However, further research is needed to determine whether modifying these behaviors will in fact lead to a direct reduction in vision loss.”

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