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Role of Physiotherapist in Antenatal and Postnatal Women

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By Dr. Jeetu Mishra , Physiotherapy

Pregnancy comes with a horde of hormonal shifts inside a woman’s body. With severe hormonal changes, we competence protest of a series of corporeal heedfulness and aches. This is positively normal and can be treated by physiotherapy.

Before we excavate low into a purpose of physiotherapy, let us see some of a common problems a profound lady competence protest of:


  1. The initial thing we protest of is sciatica. Sciatica is fundamentally a haughtiness that starts during your reduce behind and ends during a behind of your feet. During pregnancy, there is a outrageous vigour exerted on it and due to continual pressure, we competence knowledge debility or numbness.
  2. Carpal hovel syndrome or flourishing of a nerves around your wrist is another vital problem. Apart from these, we competence humour from lower behind pain, debility in a urinary tract and corner pain.


You competence knowledge postnatal earthy problems, utterly identical to a prenatal ones. Apart from that, abdominal subdivision or ‘diastasis recti’ competence also be a snarl wherein we knowledge an extreme widen on your abdominal muscles.

Physiotherapy Treatments

1. For your pre-natal symptoms, your physiotherapist will suggest we sundry treatments such as soothing hankie techniques, mobilization, widen and strength practice for your body. For treating your carpal hovel syndrome, braces competence be endorsed to wear around your wrists.

2. One of a many effective cures for treating your postnatal problems is a ‘Pilates-based’ examination module that can boost your earthy and mental tenacity.

3. There is another diagnosis called ‘Hydrotherapy-Adelaide’, that is a focus of comfortable H2O for relaxing your muscles and relieving a pain. For a improved functioning of the urinary tract, we competence be endorsed some pelvic-floor exercises.

So, don’t stoop to a pain and love in your physique and contact a physiotherapist today.

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