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Reconstructive Surgery for Birth Defects!!

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By Dr. Ramakant Bembde , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery 

Birth defects are problems that impact appearance, organ duty and earthy or mental growth in babies. Such defects are a outcome of genetic abnormalities, infections or seem as a greeting opposite certain medicines. They rise in babies when they are in a womb and sojourn permanent via their life. These inborn conditions can't be softened by healthy processes and need surgical diagnosis for a permanent scold of a misshapen or crippled tools of a body. Reconstructive medicine has been determined as a successful routine for scold government of these defects. Here is a list of 5 birth defects that can be corrected with a assistance of reconstructive surgeries- 

  1. Hypospadias: It is a condition in that a opening of a urethra in masculine is abnormally located divided from tip might be found during a missile or bottom of a penis. The condition can be treated by a routine of soothing hankie reconstruction, that strives to yield an coming of normalcy.
  2. Arteriovenous malformations (AVM): The aberrant growth of arteries and veins can meddle with a scold functioning of a body, heading to problems like a serious headache, prophesy loss, problem in vocalization and unsteadiness. Complex surgical excisions are found to be profitable in such cases as they solve a problem permitting a physique to work some-more efficiently.
  3. Facial, cranial and palm deformities: Birth defects that means manifest constructional irregularities like craniosynostosis (a condition in that a joints of a baby’s skull tie too shortly before a mind has amply developed), as good as birthmarks can be treated by a accumulation of reconstructive techniques.Birth defects of palm should be treated before a age of dual years for improved functioning.
  4. Cleft mouth and palate: The opening in a mouth or a roof of a mouth (palate) is deliberate to be an orofacial malformation. Reconstructive medicine is finished to scold mouth forsake during 4 to 6 months and taste scold finished before eighteen months for improved functions.
  5. Ears defects: Ear-related problems like distinguished ears, constricted ears (a condition characterized by folded, wrinkled or tie ear rim) and microtia (a condition in that a outmost ear or pinna is underdeveloped) can be corrected with a assistance of surgical methods like Otoplasty (the surgical scold of a outdoor ear) during a age of 6 to 8 years.
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