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Recipe For Delicious Spring Rolls

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Recipe For Delicious Spring Rolls

If you are tired of making the same old routine starters for your cocktail parties and brunches then you can experiment with the very delectable spring rolls to begin the meal on a light and crunchy note! Spring rolls are an extremely versatile dish that can be the ideal starter for any party, whether for kids or for adults!

You can add your own choice of veggies and meat to make the spring rolls suitable for your taste sensibilities. Spring rolls may require some time and patience to make so you should have some time on your hands to make crunchy and delicious spring rolls.

Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients Required For Making Spring Rolls

For the Pastry

1 cup flour (all purpose)
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg

For the Filling

100 grams carrot (grated)
100 grams cabbage (shredded)
100 grams chicken (shredded)
Mushrooms (cut into small pieces)
1 green chilli cut into bits
1 green bell pepper (shredded)
100 grams beans cut into small pieces
Soya sauce
2 tbsp garlic chopped into fine pieces
1 tablespoon grated ginger
Oil for deep frying

Method of Preparation for Spring Rolls

1. The first step for making the spring rolls is, of course, to make the pastry or the cover for the filling. Nowadays you will easily find readymade pastry sheets in the market. If you decide to buy them then consider half the job done. However, to learn the authentic procedure you must know how to roll out the pastry.

Cover for the filling

2. First add the flour and salt and mix well so that the salt is evenly spread. Now add the egg and mix well. Finally add the required amount of water to make a nice thick batter which you have to shallow fry.

Add the flour And Salt And Mix Well

3. Add a dribble of oil into a flat non stick pan and spread it evenly. Now with a ladle scoop sufficient amount of the batter and spread it on the hot pan. Spread in thinly for a nice crusty layer. After the batter is light brown on both sides consider it done and after it cools down cut it to form a perfect square shape.

Spread in thinly for a nice crusty layer

4. After you finish making the pastry sheets for the spring rolls, all you have to do is pan fry the vegetables and stuff them in the pastry sheets.

Pan Fry Spring Rolls

5. Heat oil in the pan and add some oil. Add in the chopped ginger garlic and green chillies and sauté till it releases its aroma. Now add the vegetables, chicken and the soya sauce along with the seasonings and lightly toss them around. Make sure you do not fry them too much or else the vegetables will lose their color.

6. After you sauté them, place each square sheet on the work station and place 2 tablespoons of stuffing at the center of the sheet. Now fold in the corners of the wrap towards the center and then the sides. They must look like nice small round envelopes when you finish wrapping them.

Add Oil

7. Add oil in a wok to deep fry the rolls and fry till they are crispy and golden brown in color. Cut the rolls diagonally and garnish with chopped spring onions and serve hot with sweet chilli sauce.

Crispy and Golden Brown in Color


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