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Quick core exercises that take minutes a day

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Sitting often, traveling and standing in long lines (‘tis the season after all) are all things that take up too much of your time these days. And they’re eating up valuable time you need to care for yourself by doing things like  core exercises that keep your abdomen and pelvic muscles strong, support your back—and more .

Keep in mind it doesn’t take more than a few minutes daily to protect your health and these muscles — if you’re consistent. Here are eight core variations to choose from and a handful of ways to use them below.

Keep your core in shape and your lower back will thank you.

How to play with your core exercises:

  1. Set a time limit. Choose several exercises and do each for 30 seconds or a minute.
  2. Choose a different exercise each day and do a descending ladder:
  • 1:00 rest 10 seconds
  • 45 seconds rest 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds rest 10 seconds
  • 20 seconds rest 10 seconds
  1. Choose a different exercise each day and do it for a specific number of repetitions.
  2. Work your stretches and core exercise in together so you don’t skip either. Pair a stretch with a different core exercise. Alternate them until you’ve stretched all your major muscles groups and you’ll have done a good core workout, too.
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