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Psoriasis – 5 Common Symptoms Of It!

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By Dr. G.R. Agrawal, Homeopathy

Psoriasis is an autoimmune ongoing skin commotion that is characterized by rags of aberrant skin. These rags are red, tingling and scaly. Its astringency competence operation from a tiny and localized patch to rags on a whole body.


There are several factors that can means psoriasis:

1. Genetic Cause:

There are 9 gene mutations found, that competence means psoriasis on your skin. These mutations of a genes means certain cells to duty differently in your body, so heading to psoriasis.

2. Immune System:

Improper functioning of your defence complement competence also means psoriasis. If we have Psoriasis, a white blood cells in your physique turn overactive, distinct in a normal defence system

3. Environmental Causes:

Various environmental factors can also trigger psoriasis. Low calcium levels in a body, infections, or a skin damage can all lead to psoriasis.


1. You competence knowledge scaly red skin patches. These are ordinarily found on your scalp, elbows or knees.

2. You competence also have burst or dry skin that competence even bleed.

3. Inflammation of a skin along with itching.

4. There competence be swelling, pain and rigidity in a joints.

5. Thick or ridged nails


1. Creams and skin ointments are used to provide amiable to assuage forms of psoriasis.

2. Phototherapy is another diagnosis where your skin is unprotected to object in a tranquil manner.

3. Use of synthetic forms of vitamin D reduces a skin dungeon growths

4. Use of moisturizers can also assistance to quell scaling and itching.

However, it is always endorsed to deliberate a dermatologist before opting for any form of treatment.

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