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PRP For Hair Fall and Skin Rejuvenation

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By Dr. Raghuvir Mathur, Aesthetic Medicine,

One of a techniques that is solemnly gaining belligerent given a past few years is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. This technique is really effective in box of hair tumble and skin rejuvenation and is being offering in some-more and some-more clinics nowadays.

What is a PRP Treatment?

PRP or platelet abounding plasma came about as a outcome of investigate in sports medicine where a finish idea was to find a quicker approach to provide injuries so that recovering time was reduced. PRP uses a body’s healthy recovering systems and processes to speed adult liberation or to raise a demeanour of your skin. It is also used to reinvigorate hair and stop hair fall.

How does PRP work?

A tiny volume of blood is initial cold from your body, that is roughly a same that we would give for any blood test. Once a blood is withdrawn, it is afterwards spun around in a discerning centrifuge. This spinning separates a plasma from a red blood cells. The plasma is abounding in platelets and has many smashing recovering and rejuvenating properties. Here is how it works on a skin and hair:

  1. PRP for Skin Rejuvenation – The extracted plasma is injected behind into a specific area of a skin that we wish to be treated. This triggers a response within a physique that is same to recovering an damage and so gives we a most younger look. The outcome of this diagnosis is manifest within a initial 6 weeks or so and final for about 18 months.
  2. PRP for Hair tumble – PRP diagnosis can also be used a same approach for hair associated treatments as described for skin rejuvenation. The beliefs are a same solely that a plasma serum is injected into a scalp. This afterwards triggers hair rejuvenation, stops and even reverses hair fall.

The Advantages-

Advantages of PRP Therapy opposite hair detriment are:

  1. Simple, non surgical procedure
  2. Multiple Injections: procession durability approximately 60 to 90 minutes
  3. Safe and arguable results
  4. Very discerning liberation period.
  5. Beautiful and above all intensely healthy looking finish results
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