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Prevent Your Unplanned Pregnancy!!

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By Dr. Savita Gupta , Gynaecology

Nearly 85% of a intimately active females who do not use precautions or contraceptives get profound within a 12-month time. A lady can detect during a time of breastfeeding, from 1-2 weeks post childbirth, and even during a time of her menstruation. Taking out your penis before ejaculation and periodic avoidance does not avert a risk of source or a widespread of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

You can avert a risk of neglected pregnancy in dual ways:

  1. Plan B
  2. Contraceptive Precautions

Plan B is a many widely used process in a form of puncture contraception as:

  1. It has immaterial side-effects
  2. It is designed to avert a pregnancy risk after sex
  3. It can be used but a medication to women of 18 years of age and older

So if we have had sex with your partner and did not use any precautions, afterwards a puncture contraception choice is accessible for adult to a 3-day time period. Plan B-One Step puts off a risk of pregnancy for adult to 3 days following a defenceless sex. It is not meant for unchanging use and does not yield we insurance from HIV or STIs. And also, we can't use it if we are already pregnant.

Secondly, unchanging use of preventive pills can assistance forestall neglected risks of pregnancy. But only bear in mind that a continual use of these birth control tablets will not be adequate and we will have to use condoms each time we indulge in passionate activities until your subsequent menstruation cycle.

Another choice for puncture contraception is to get an Intrauterine Device (IUD) extrinsic by a medicine that is probable until 5 days after defenceless sex, to assistance equivocate a risk of pregnancy.

Emergency contraception is deliberate some-more effective a earlier we take it.

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