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Prevent back pain with a strong core

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When people have back pain, they often think they’ve just “overdone” something.

The truth is all that sitting that most of us do — at work, at home, driving and so on — puts pressure on your spine. So you may wake up after years of neglecting the muscles that should be supporting your body with pain and not understand why.

The core muscles are the ones that can take some of that pressure off of your back, and help you avoid the back pain and even debilitating injury that can impact your day to day activities.

But if your back hurts is it too late to work on strengthening your core? Absolutely not…

Here is a combination of exercises and stretches that are safe to do on a daily basis. These will strengthen the right muscles without additionally straining your back.

Included in this video are:

  1. Bracing
  2. Single Leg Marching
  3. Pelvic rocking
  4. Cat Cow Back
  5. Thread the Needle

Remember, getting fit now is key if you want to be active and healthy during your second 50!

Not all exercise is appropriate for all people. Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program particularly if you’ve had back pain.

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