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Pressing the right buttons- Discovering all the E-zones

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By Dr. Prabhu Vyas , Sexology

Erogenous zones are places or areas of the human body that have heightened sensitivity. These areas are stimulated during sexual activities that result in relaxation, arousal and orgasm.

For females-

  1. Lips and Neck: Starting with the face, this applies to both women and men. The lips are very sensitive and which is why a good kisser or an amazing make-out session is such a turn on. The back of the neck is full of blood vessels and hence, extremely sensitive. The nape of the neck is full of nerve endings which is why the correct stimulation can send absolute shivers (the good one’s for sure).
  2. Breasts and Nipples: Every woman’s breasts are different but the caressing or massaging of the breasts releases oxytocin, which is a feel-good chemical. Most women have sensitive nipples, but how women would like their nipples stimulated depends on them. The nerves in the nipples, when simulated, activate the part of the brain that processes the sensations from the clitoris and vagina.
  3. Lower back and inner thighs: Back massages aren’t only relaxing but can also be used as foreplay. The base of the spine is sensitive and quite a sensual spot. The inner thighs are packed with nerve clusters.
  4. Clitoris and vagina: These are the most sensitive parts of the female body. Right stimulation will lead to the fastest and easiest climax. The inside of the vagina is full of nerve endings but so is the outside. The outer edge of the vagina responds to light touch.

For men, the erogenous spots aren’t too many. To name a few-

  1. Ears: Specifically the outer ridge of the ear, the firmness of the cartilage can be traced with the tip of the partner’s tongue.
  2. Nipples: Men’s nipples may not serve any purpose like the women’s, but just like women’s they too are filled with nerve endings. The right stimulation is the right cue.
  3. His F-spot: The underside of the male penis. There is a thin band of skin that connects the head with the shaft, that’s called the frenulum. It is full of nerve connections that are very sensitive.
  4. His G-spot: A man’s G-spot is his prostate. A prostate massage will help in arousal and along with penis stimulation, will lead to a greater climax for the male.

Erogenous zones should never be ignored. Not only do they help in sexual arousal, but also in relaxation and heightening of the sexual experience.

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