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Penile Problems: How Can You Identify?

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By Dr. Shyam Mithiya, Sexology, 

Penile problems impute to a concerns about a masculine reproductive organ, a penis. Considering a attraction of a organ, special courtesy is given to these problems, generally in situations wherein a studious is incompetent to totally voice out their concerns. Penile problems might impact a sex life of an particular and eventually lead to psychological issues in a longer run.

Types of Penile Problems:

  1. Phimosis: This is a condition in that a foreskin would not go behind to a border to let a conduct of a organ come through. This causes measureless annoy during sex and an upsetting odour. In this case, circumcision and home therapy are customarily suggested after consulting a doctor.
  2. Fordyce Spots: They are rather common in that there are white spots on a testes and a penis. These are customarily submissive and can usually impact sex life if a particular pays most mind to them.
  3. Priapism: It is a rather unpleasant construction that lasts for above 4 hours. Immediate medical courtesy contingency be given to this.
  4. Penile Cancer: This is an intensely singular form of cancer that starts in a skin cells of a penis. Although rare, it can be treated with correct medical remedies.
  5. Peyronie’s Disease: This a condition in that a tough pile forms in a penis and causes it to hook or curve. This leads to pain and discomfort.


Penile problems might lead to annoy or pain during sex and a recommendation of a medical practitioner contingency be immediately sought before entrance to any end or commencement any form of treatment. Most penile problems lead to highlight and stress and eventually a reduce self-esteem, that disrupts a sex life. They are simply curable with unchanging visits to a endangered alloy and with correct medical diagnosis being administered; a particular can suffer a healthy sex life.

Some forms of medical diagnosis include:

  1. HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine to forestall warts.
  2. Penile injection therapy to residence erectile dysfunction.
  3. Medicinal pills such as pentoxifylline or potassium para-aminobenzoate, shots of collagenase (enzymes that mangle collagen peptide bonds) or verapamil.
  4. Surgery should be deliberate as a final resort.

Certain practices should be adopted to forestall penile problems. Some of these practices embody obliged sex, behaving earthy activities, holding caring of your mental health and practising good hygiene habits.

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