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Ovarian Cancer – What Causes It?

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By Dr. Amitava Chakraborty, General Surgery,

Ovarian cancer is characterized by virulent growths in a ovaries. Usually many of these growths start in a epithelium (outer lining) backing of a ovary. The initial stages of this cancer do not vaunt any tangible symptom:

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

1. You might knowledge pain in a pelvis

2. Pain in a reduce partial of a stomach

3. You might constantly feel a titillate to urinate

4. You might humour from symptoms of indigestion

5. Engaging in passionate retort might outcome in pain

6. Problems in bowel movement

7. In some cases, we might knowledge symptoms of breathlessness and nausea

Ovarian cancer is caused by computation of cells in an unregulated manner. However, there are no famous causes behind this strange computation that takes place.

However, there are certain factors that can boost a risk of ovarian cancer, them being:

1. Older lady above a age of 65 have a aloft risk of pang from ovarian cancer

2. If someone in your family has cancers of a ovaries or a breasts, afterwards chances of we being influenced by a same increase.

3. Obesity

4. Hormone deputy therapy increases a risk of ovarian cancer.

5. Endometriosis (growth of uterine tissues outward your uterus)

6. If we are undergoing diagnosis for infertility


This condition is treated regulating chemotherapy, hormone therapy (using of hormones in a treatments) and targeted therapy (therapy that affects usually a carcenogenic cells, but harming a normal cells). The form of diagnosis will count on a astringency of your symptoms and how good matched we are for a sold treatment. In some cases, a alloy might opt for medicine to discharge ovarian cancer.

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