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Organic Vitamins: The Ideal Way of Having Health Supplements

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Organic VitaminsModern men and women have become super conscious regarding safeguarding their health, and one of the best ways to do it is considered to be incorporating vitamin supplements in their daily diet.

It is a commonly known fact that our regular diets are incompetent to provide all the essential nutrients that are needed by our bodies. This is mainly because most of the foodstuffs that we consume are grown in mineral-lacking soil, and most of us are forced to eat processed foods mainly due to our busy lifestyles. Vitamin brands that are labelled as ‘organic’ draw more demand since their production does not involve the use of chemical substances. Let us have a quick survey on the different benefits that are assured by using organic vitamins.

Top Reasons for Buying Organic Vitamins

Organic Vitamins Are Better Than Synthetic Vitamins

Organic vitamin supplements are considered to be more effective than vitamins made through synthetic means. Most vitamin supplements that are commercially available in the market include lots of chemicals and synthetic substances. This will in turn lead to more harm than any good.

Organic vitamin supplements

But organic vitamins are made under strict supervision, and ingredients are chosen with great care. They are supposed to be free from pesticides, insecticides and other synthetic ingredients making them a healthier choice.

Organic Vitamins Are More Effective

Organic vitamins and mineral supplements are absorbed more rapidly and effectively into our bodies, and hence deliver enhanced health results. Since they are made of purely organic and natural substances, your body will find it easy to digest. The goodness of the nutrients will be allocated more fruitfully across the body. By consuming organic vitamins you are safeguarding your body against the attack of free radicals and other toxins.

How To Choose Organic Vitamins

Most of the vitamins that our body need cannot be produced by our body; but have to be supplied from the food we eat. Since the foods that we eat are inept to deliver the required amounts of vitamins, we need to depend on vitamin supplements. Organic vitamins are available today ranging from prenatal to men’s daily vitamins to mono-vitamin supplements.

Choose Vitamins That Are Made From Whole-food Sources And Highly Nutritional Foods

Vitamins can be derived from organic materials including organic food materials. But we should also be aware of the fact that organic vitamins also include synthetically derived substances, since the vital nutrients cannot be isolated in natural form totally. Many organic vitamin capsules include some animal-derived ingredients, and hence vegans and vegetarians might find it difficult to pursue their strict diet regime. The best way to integrate purely organic vitamins into your daily diet is to buy as organic vitamin supplements derived from whole-food sources and from highly nutritional foods.

Go For Products With Organic Certification

Before buying any organic vitamin supplements we should see to it that the products contain certified organic label. Look for 95% to 100% certified organic label to make sure that what you consume is worth the money you spend.

choosing organic vitamins

For fussy kids who are reluctant to swallow organic vitamins in capsule or tablet forms, liquid organic vitamin supplements are also available. There are reputed organic vitamin supplement manufacturers who manufacture these vitamins from fruits, vegetables, herbs and super foods.

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Some Top Organic Vitamin Products Manufacturers

There are numerous international organic vitamin brands that specialize in making organic vitamin supplements. Some of them are listed below.

MegaFood Vitamins

MegaFood is a leading natural products manufacturer specialising in a range of products that are claimed to be manufactured from farm fresh food products.

MegaFood Vitamins

Different categories of supplements include Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Blood Builder Minerals, Digestive Pro-biotic, Vegan Collection etc. The makers of whole food supplements with farm fresh food have above 40 years of experience. They adhere to Slo-Food Process in the manufacturing process which ensures that the nutritional value of the supplements is not destroyed.

Doctor Greens

Doctor Greens specialises in producing a range of organic supplements ranging from multi vitamins, antioxidants, bone health and mineral products, mercury safe fish oil products, energy and vitality ensuring products, men’s health and women’s health products etc. Their All-In-One Greens Multivitamin Tablet is a very popular organic health supplement that is made of organic and wholesome fruits and vegetables and over 115 natural ingredients. It is claimed to be containing the highest amount of antioxidant content. It is cold processed to ensure superior cellular availability. The main ingredients of this energizing product are Organic Pomegranate, Organic Goji with Resveratrol, Lutein,Glucosamine, Digestive Enzymes and Pro-biotics.

Multivitamin Direct

Multivitamin Direct is a USDA-certified organic manufacturer of supplements. They specialise in making first-rate food and nutritional supplements for direct-response marketers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers in Northern California. They make dietary supplements in types ranging from two-piece capsules, tablets and functional foods.

New Chapter

New Chapter is a reputed manufacturer of organic vitamin supplement products, which specialises in making a broad line of whole food complex vitamins and supplements. Organic ingredients with fine purity go into the making of these supplements.

New Chapter

Some of their 100% organic food ingredients that are contained in the supplements are: Blueberry Ginger, Turmeric, Prunes, fermented rice, Raspberry Leaf, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Okra, Papaya, Pomegranate, Cranberry, Green Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Blackberries, Kale, Milled Rice, Brown Rice, Fermented Rice, Reishi Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Artists’ Conk Mushroom, Polypore Mushroom, Zhu Ling Mushroom, Enokitake Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Mesima Mushroom, Ice Man Fungus, Birch Polypore Mushroom, Daikon Radish, Mustard, Concord Grapes, Rose Hips Chicory, Honey, Dandelion Leaf, Astragalus Root, and so on. These organic ingredients are sourced from the company’s own farm located in Costa Rica. Since the vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements are made of whole-food complex, they are very mild on stomach. The company also adheres to sustainable agriculture and sustainable sourcing methods.

Nutricap Labs

Nutricap Labs, the New York-based organic producer of premium organic vitamin and supplement products, specialises in making vitamins, minerals, standard extracts, and natural herbs. Their products are free of pesticides, chemicals and other toxins.

Beware not to consider organic vitamins as your prime source of nutrients. Consider these vitamins only as supplements and choose your dietary regime wisely by integrating nutritious food according to individual health needs.

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