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Organic Food For Longer Life And Extra Fertility

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Lab tests on the effects of organic food indicate that they may produce much better health than conventional food. A study at the lab of Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, shows organic food may boost life expectancy and fertility.

The research at SMU was performed on fruit flies, which are commonly used in health studies. Flies fed extracts of organic foods performed signlficantly better on health tests than flies fed nonorganic food.

“To our surprise, in the majority of our tests of flies on organic foods, the flies fed organic diets did much better on our health tests than the flies fed conventional food,” says researcher Johannes H. Bauer. “Longevity and fertility are the two most important aspects of fly life. On both of these tests, flies fed organic diets performed much better than flies fed conventional diets. They lived longer, had higher fertility, and had a much higher lifetime reproductive output.”

“We don’t know why the flies on the organic diet did better. That will require further research. But this is a start toward understanding potential health benefits,” says Ria Chhabra, a student at Clark High School in Plano, Texas, who led the experiment.

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