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Ocular Migraine – Ways It Can Be Treated!

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By Dr. Anand Palimkar , Ophthalmology

Ocular Migraines are generally referred to as proxy visible disruptions that impact especially one of your eyes. They are mostly painless and customarily recede but any medication; within 30 mins of experiencing them. You can also knowledge them during or after a migraine.

Migraines can also be accompanied by a proxy detriment of prophesy and can satisfy sighting of flashing lights or blind spots. This is an “aura” and should not be confused with visible migraines.

Signs and Symptoms-

  1. Ocular Migraines are characterised by visible disturbances such as blindness or carrying blind spots in your line of sight. You competence face such problems in usually one of your eyes.
  2. The headache can final for around 3 days and is mostly accompanied by assuage to high pain on possibly side of a conduct and a pulsating feeling in a head. This pain competence boost while we move.
  3. Other symptoms might embody queasiness or revulsion and increasing attraction to light or sound.


The accurate reason for visible migraines has not been identified yet. Experts tend to trust that spasms in a retina or a hankie backing during a behind of a eye that can widespread to a retinal nerves, are a primary causes of visible migraines.


Though this condition is utterly singular and affects usually 1-2 % of a people pang from migraines, it is still a dangerous medical emanate that can lead to permanent prophesy detriment if not taken caring of immediately. Since a pain tends to recede even but medication, some people tend to omit these symptoms. However, it is always advisable to deliberate a alloy in sequence to forestall serve complications such as permanent prophesy loss.

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