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Nutrition and Food Myths – Debunked!

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By Dr. Lochan Arora, Dietitian/Nutritionist,

Myth 1: Foods noted healthy are healthier.

  Fact: The FDA i.e. Food and Drug Association doesn’t put most bid into determining a use of a word “natural” on a nutritious labels. You might notice that a lot of sodas explain to have 100% healthy flavors; however, they enclose intensely high dose of fructose corn syrup that is not usually assumed though also unhealthy.

Myth 2: Restriction on your salt intake lowers blood vigour and reduces strokes and heart attacks.

Fact: There is no systematic explanation on either salt increases your chances of pang from a cadence or heart attack. However, obscure your salt expenditure can assistance obscure your blood pressure. Despite shortening your salt intake, we can still be during risks of cadence and heart attack.

Myth 3: You turn fatter if we eat late during night.

  Fact: No matter what time we devour calories, they will still be calories. There is no specific time when your physique translates a calories we devour into fats. If we gorge during dinner, we are gaining weight, not since of a calories we are immoderate during night though since we are over-eating. Also, not eating during night is not an choice if we have been sportive in a evening. Spread your calorie intake via a day rather than only during one meal.

Myth 4: Eggs boost your cholesterol and minister to heart diseases.

Fact: Though egg yolks have high levels of cholesterol, it hardly has any outcome on a levels of blood cholesterol for infancy of people. Studies infer that egg yolks do not lift a risk of heart diseases for non-diabetic individuals. In fact, egg yolks enclose all a nutrients.

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