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Nutrition and Fitness : Pregnancy

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By Dr. Sheenu Sanjeev , Dietitian/Nutritionist

Nutrition and aptness during pregnancy are emphasized on since they impact health of both a mom and a child. Many women stop sportive during pregnancy; however, doctors recommendation eating whole dishes and doing light exercises as they will keep we fit during your pregnancy phase.

Here are some tips per diet and practice during your pregnancy:

  1. Eat copiousness of vegetables and fruits: Include copiousness of fruits and vegetables in your diet as they yield your physique with all a essential nutrients. They enclose antioxidants that foster good health. Vegetables are also abounding in fiber that foster satiety.
  2. Drink lots of water: Replenish your physique with adequate levels of water; differently it can lead to dehydration. This can lead to tired and a indolent metabolism.
  3. Strengthen your pelvic floor: Your pelvic building muscles yield support to a uterus, promote bladder and bowel control. Exercises for a pelvic building muscles also urge spine strength and posture. They also assistance tinge a stomach muscles after childbirth.
  4. Warm up: It is critical to comfortable adult before starting a workout; it helps in improving blood dissemination and mobility in a joints. Not warming adult before operative out can lead to neuromuscular injuries.
  5. Choosing a right exercises: It is critical to select a right exercises when we are pregnant. You should equivocate doing high impact exercises such as sprinting and complicated weightlifting. You should rather try and do light workouts such as yoga and casual swimming.
  6. Get adequate rest: Get adequate levels of rest to feed your appetite levels. Not removing adequate rest might lead to tired and irritability.
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