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Menopause and Body changes

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By Dr Vishakha Munjal , Gynaecology

Menopause is deliberate an critical proviso in your life given there is a extreme change in your body’s physiological functions. You might have some gloomy thought about what happens after menopause substantially after reading articles on magazines and internet. Even if not, let us learn about a changes that take place after menopause.

As per medical definition, menopause is a conditions in that we don’t have durations for 12 months during a stretch. If we are not certain possibly we have entered that phase, your alloy can endorse it by measuring a turn of your Follicle Stimulating Hormone. If we are reliable to be postmenopausal, it will meant that your ovaries will now stop producing eggs and a duration of child-bearing is over.

As shortly as we step into menopause, mood swings and prohibited flashes are going to turn common. Some changes that are firm to start after entering menopause are:

  1. The skin loses agility and becomes dry. There is a analogous thinning of a skin and we will knowledge wrinkles on your skin. Acne, pimples and neglected hair might grow on a skin.
  2. You might possibly knowledge neglected hair expansion on your face and other areas or a extreme detriment of scalp hair.
  3. Menopause brings a series of dental and verbal issues along with it. There might be some practice of dry mouth or gingivitis. Weakening of verbal bones, flourishing of gums, relaxation and detriment of teeth that might accelerate a requirement of dentures.
  4. There is a substantial dryness in a vagina and a vulva that might outcome in prickly and irritation. Post-coital blood detriment or labia thinning are other common consequences.
  5. The magnitude of urination increases after menopause. Cysts can also form in a bladder.
  6. Finally, after menopause we might knowledge pain in your joints and muscles; some even ensuing in osteoarthritis.

Key points-

  • Some physique changes and concomitant symptoms that start during a menopausal transition and over menopause might be associated to reduce levels of oestrogen while others outcome from a ageing process.
  • Body changes and symptoms might be many and sundry and can be mitigated by adoption of a healthy lifestyle.
  • HRT might be useful for some women with physique changes; however it should not be regarded as an anti-ageing therapy.
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