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Melasma – What You Should Know!

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By Dr Shruti Ghadgepatil , Dermatology

Melasma is a skin condition that causes blemish and dim rags on your skin. It is some-more common in women than men. It is also called a ‘mask of pregnancy’ or chloasma when it is caused due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. These rags on a face are darker and exquisite on both sides of your face. Areas of a physique that are unprotected to a object for a enlarged duration of time can also rise melasma. It doesn’t means any earthy complications, though it can give we an unsightly appearance.

What causes Melasma?

Doctors and researchers are still not certain what causes melasma nonetheless studies have shown that progesterone and estrogen levels tend to impact your skin heading to melasma.

Some of a causes of melasma could be-

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Starting or interlude birth control pills
  3. Hormonal changes caused by underlying earthy causes.
  4. Thyroid diseases
  5. Stress
  6. Prolonged bearing to a ultraviolet rays of a object can also impact skin pigments (melanocytes) ensuing in melasma

Symptoms of Melasma:

Brownish rags on a forehead, cheeks, chin and overpass of a nose are signs of melasma.

Treatment for Melasma:

  1. In pregnancy, melasma customarily fades on a possess after we have delivered your baby.
  2. Avoid immoderate birth control pills or change a remedy for a change in combination of a drugs. More mostly than not, it’s a combination of a tablet that causes melasma rather than birth control pills in general.
  3. Hydroquinone is an salve that can be practical on a skin. This lightens a dim rags on your skin caused due to melasma.
  4. Corticosteroids and tretinoin – This remedy is generally prescribed by a dermatologist to abate a rags caused by melasma. This should be taken underneath a doctor’s prescription.
  5. Topical skin medicines – Medications that enclose kojic poison or azelaic poison can also assistance revoke a brownish rags on your skin.
  6. Procedures – If medicines and creams don’t get absolved of a patches, procedures such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and chemical flay procedures are advised. These procedures should be finished underneath a approved dermatologist. This also prevents melasma from re-occurring in a future.
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