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Manuka honey for chronic bladder infections

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Dealing with chronic urinary tract infection is more than a pain in the butt. It’s a pain in the bladder and potentially the kidneys if you don’t get it under control quickly.

And right now, the only solution your doctor can offer you is antibiotics. But there’s a big problem with antibiotics you’ve probably heard about…

People are becoming resistant to them. Especially the antibiotics used to treat bladder infections because they’ve been prescribed so frequently for so long.

In fact, it’s been determined that one of the antibiotics most commonly used to treat UTIs already has a 50 percent resistance rate. That means this antibiotic doesn’t do anything for half the people who need it.

With antibiotic resistance on the rise, more and more people are turning to natural remedies to prevent and get rid of urinary tract infections. And there are a lot of natural remedies to choose from — cranberry juice, D-mannose, vitamin C, goldenseal.

But if honey is not on your list of infection-fighting natural remedies — it should be. Because a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology found that Manuka honey can help treat chronic and reoccurring UTIs.

In their study, researchers found that Manuka honey can stop the growth of urinary tract-causing bacteria and prevent them from forming biofilms. Biofilms are a thin layer of bacteria that adhere to your bladder and cause chronic or reoccurring bladder infections. Antibiotics typically can’t touch these biofilms because the bacteria in them is notoriously antibiotic-resistant.

I’ve put Manuka honey to the test myself plenty of times.

Last year I fell and ended up with a nasty cut on my forehead — and I promptly slathered it with Manuka honey — the best antibacterial treatment you can keep at home, I believe.

Manuka honey is renowned for its potent antibacterial properties. It’s also antiviral and antifungal. That’s because its low pH level and high sugar content create a unique effect that obstructs the growth of microbes. Manuka honey is also well-known for its effectiveness against deadly infections like MRSA that are resistant to antibiotics.

Not only did I heal quickly but I have no scar — despite my husband’s insistence that I probably would.

If you want to see firsthand how honey can improve your bladder health, here’s what you can do… combine one to two tablespoons of Manuka honey with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a dash of lemon juice and hot water. You’ll end up with a tart and tasty tonic that can attack your bladder problems from three angles… because not only does Manuka honey have antibacterial abilities, but apple cider vinegar and lemon do too.

Even if you’re not prone to urinary or bladder infections, it’s not a bad idea to partake of this sweet tonic to ward off infection and boost your body’s natural healing potential.

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