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Male Infertility – Know Everything About It!!

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By Dr Mahendra Nath Thareja , Sexology

A condition where a lady is incompetent to detect a child notwithstanding carrying unchanging passionate retort with a masculine partner for a enlarged period, for around 6 months to a year is tangible as infertility. In over half a cases, infertility is customarily with a masculine partner that is characterised by a low spermatazoa count. Infertility causes amicable stress as good as attribute problems among couples and can exceedingly impact a self-respect of a person.


Male infertility tends to have certain tell story signs some cases or no apparent reasons in other cases. In some cases, masculine infertility occurs due to underlying medical conditions like genetic problems, widened veins around a testicle or hormonal imbalances and some of a symptoms could be like:

  1. Recurrent problems during passionate retort due to serious pain in a testicular zone.
  2. You competence remove your ability to smell due mixed instances of infections of a respiratory system.
  3. There competence be rebate in a physique hair.
  4. Abnormal spermatazoa count.
  5. Lack of passionate desire


Some of a common causes of masculine infertility could be:

  1. past damage or medicine of a testicles.
  2. erectile dysfunction.
  3. premature ejaculation.
  4. sexually transmitted infections.
  5. testicular deformation along with low spermatazoa count.
  6. Blockage of a ejaculatory

In other cases, a reasons could be:

  1. obesity
  2. old age
  3. mental anxiety
  4. excessive ethanol consumption
  5. diabetes or as a
  6. side outcome of deviation therapy
  7. prescribed drugs to provide other existent ailments within a body

Diagnosis and Treatment-

The infertility of a masculine partner is customarily diagnosed by your dilettante by evaluating a medical condition and past histories of surgical procedures, passionate practices etc. Infertility can also be diagnosed by analysing a semen.

The treatments for masculine infertility are sundry and count on a astringency and a accurate means of a condition. Male infertility can be treated by hormonal deputy therapies and procedures, counselling or remedy (for erectile dysfunction and beforehand ejaculation) and procedures to collect spermatazoa that is afterwards used for synthetic insemination.

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