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Maintaining Diet In Diabetes

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By Dr. Niti Agarwal , Endocrinology

Do you suffer from diabetes? Then your health and diet need to be under regular monitoring. Constant checkups and blood tests are to be incorporated in your routine. Diabetes if not properly monitored and treated can even be deadly. Thus, you must take all possible precautions to make sure that you eat right so that your diabetes is in control. It is a common argument that this disease puts an end to consumption of junk food and other tasty dishes; but natural and healthy dishes that you are allowed to consume during this time can also be made tasty and delicious in a way that suits your palate. Here are some tips to maintain proper diet when you are suffering from diabetes:

  1. Eat enough fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables have all the natural nutrients which health supplements would not be able to provide to your body. The essential vitamins, minerals, fibres, pulses etc. which your body need can only be derived from fresh fruits and vegetables. There are many ways of cooking a vegetable and you can actually try out healthy and delicious dishes in the process of eating various varieties of vegetables.
  2. Drink lots of water: Water is an important part of the body. In fact, researchers have said time and again that the human body constitutes of almost eighty per cent water. Thus drinking water and flushing out harmful toxins is most required when you are suffering from diabetes.
  3. Plan: You normally do not plan your meals throughout the day, do you? But when you are suffering from diabetes, it is essential to follow a diet chart. Often your doctor refers you to a nutritionist to get a diet chart made specifically for you. Furthermore, you can even try and download a diet chart from reliable online resources. You must make a note of the proper amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and other salt intake that you consume each day.
  4. Be choosy when you eat: When you suffer from diabetes, the numerous restrictions levied on you make you choosy in your diet. You can choose healthy restaurants and hotels which serve food as per your liking and especially those foods which you are allowed to have.

Thus, these are some tips to indulge in for a healthy diet when you are suffering from diabetes. Apart from these general tips, you must remember that each body reacts differently to diabetes. Thus, you must consult your medical practitioner and get a diet chart made especially for you.

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