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Loss of Libido – Ways To Manage It!

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By Dr. Om Pal, Sexology

Loss of libido is typically famous as a passionate dysfunction, a low sex drive, or simply a miss of seductiveness in passionate activity. It is a common state of erectile dysfunction in males though it is, however, some-more common, in women than it is in group and there are a lot of factors that come in to play that are obliged for causing it.

Causes of detriment of libido

There are several causes of a detriment of libido. They can possibly be earthy or psychological or a multiple of a two.

1. Physical causes :

i. Hormonal imbalance
ii. Erectile dysfunction
iii. Restless legs syndrome (RLS)
iv. Lack of sleep
v. Too small or additional exercise
vi. Prescription medicines
vii. Alcohol abuse
viii. Drug abuse
ix. Aging
x. Menopause
xi. Systemic illnesses, for instance, cancer or lung disease

2. Psychological causes :

i. Depression
ii. Stress
iii. Low self-esteem
iv. Relationship problems and issues


Solutions and treatments can differ and change severely formed on a inlet and power of a base means of a problem, possibly it is earthy or psychological. Here are a few probable ways in that we can understanding with a detriment of libido:

1. Improve your diet to embody some-more nutrients
2. Get during slightest 6 to 7 hours of nap everyday
3. Exercise for during slightest 40 minutes, 4 times a week
4. Cut down on a use of drugs and ethanol consumption
5. Testosterone deputy therapy
6. Wise and distributed use of antidepressants as they can reduce your sex expostulate serve (if a means of low libido is depression)
7. Regular counseling, possibly alone or with your partner

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