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Losing My Sex Drive After Having Kids (and How we Got it Back)

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By Dr. Anil Gaikwad , Sexology

Do we tremble during a perfect suspicion of cognisance and retort after carrying left by your pregnancy? And all of this notwithstanding carrying a spiced-up sex life previously? Do we find yourself feeling low as your passion and passionate enterprise take a behind seat? Well worry not..

Conceiving a baby competence have taken a fee on your libido though a good news is that this proviso is transient. You would shortly get behind your former self and we can positively understanding with this sold proviso smartly.

Let us take a discerning demeanour during a factors that competence be a reasons behind your hatred towards sex:

  1. Exhaustion due to birth and surgery.
  2. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, smoothness and labor.
  3. Breast-feeding and anemia pulling down a libido levels.
  4. Constant mood swings after a pregnancy.
  5. Tiredness or sleepy since of all a courtesy destined during a child.

How to understanding with this?

  1. Give yourself some time so that your physique heals totally from a rigors of a pregnancy we usually went through; a physique gets sleepy and ragged down after a pregnancy and not holding correct caring of yourself will usually make matters worse for your libido and passionate health.
  2. Don’t bottle adult emotions within yourself: we competence feel undone during not being means to give yourself most time. Feel giveaway to speak about these issues with your partner. This can assistance arrange things and provide, during slightest a proxy repair to your concerns.
  3. Rekindle your intrigue by indulging in cuddling and a lot of foreplay.
  4. Make adore usually when we are prepared for it; lest, it might give approach to resentment.
  5. Build a clever support network around your partner, friends and a therapist, if any.
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