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List Of Body Aches Causes

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Body AchesA very common term that we use when we experience muscle stiffness or pain is that of body aches. It is quite a prevalent issue that is experienced by innumerable people around the globe with different reasons attached to it. No matter what the cause, the problem brings along discomfort and pain and inflammation in many cases.

Body aches can be experienced in any part of the body and even at two different places together. Before you adhere to the treatments, try and get to the roots of the crisis. It is very important to understand the causes behind frequent body aches. This will not only broaden your horizons but also help you with ideal cures depending upon your cause. This health guide below is to help you out in this regard and give an overview of all the reasons of body aches under the same roof.

Body Aches Causes

Strain and Stress

Usually if you workout more than the body can take or else pick up heavy objects, it leads to strain or stress on the muscles and thus causes the aches. It is quite a prevalent cause and can happen anytime even during the regular and usual physical activities of the daily routine.



Any kind of injuries due to accidents or any other workouts and exercises can be one of the significant causes attached with the onset of body ache. This is also one of the most common reasons why you experience the pain in different parts or a specific area of the body.

Over Use of the Muscles

Using the muscles more than the stamina is has is another of the causes why you will go through body aches. Usually it happens when you exercise or carry on some sport activities more than the recommended time. It can also lead to wastage of the muscles and permanent body aches in certain areas.

Hormonal Imbalance

Thyroid and diabetes that are caused due to imbalance in the hormones are some of the reasons for body aches as well.

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Imbalance of Electrolytes

When the levels of potassium, sodium and calcium lower in the body to a great extent it can lead to muscles pains and body aches almost instantly. According to researchers, this is a common cause and can be avoided with a healthy and nutritious diet each day.



Overweight leads to lot of pressure on the different muscles and joints of the body. This is turn results in body aches on quite a regular basis. Obesity is one of the widespread problems around the globe today.

Some Form of Infections

Infections and diseases of the body can be a good cause for body aches. This however is temporary and will subside when the infection is completely cured. Some of the infections that are known to be the cause for aches include malaria, influenza, polio, Lyme disease, roundworm, muscle abscess and more.

Over Resting

A lot of times taking rest more than the body requires can cause muscle stiffness and aches in the different parts of the body. This is something that can be easily avoided.

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