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Know Everything About Laser Prostate Surgery!!

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By Dr Ashok Kumar Gupta , Urology

Prostate is a gland that performs a duty of producing a liquid compulsory to lift sperm. According to a Urology Care Foundation, 50 % of group have an lengthened prostate when they are around 50 years. An lengthened prostate is a condition that is medically termed as ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’. An lengthened prostate can means problems with flitting urine.

Causes of Prostate Enlargement-

There are dual conditions that means increase of prostate; ageing and a increasing secretion of testosterone. The reason behind a expansion of prostate glands with a age of group is not known. However, it has been celebrated that a prostate grows underneath a change of Testosterone-a masculine hormone.

Prostate Laser Surgery-

Prostate laser medicine involves a insertion of a range by a opening of a penis into a urethra. The laser releases a appetite that melts or removes over-abundance tissues that retard a urethra and prevents a thoroughfare of urine.

Types of Prostate Surgery-

  1. ‘Holmium laser ablation of a prostate’: It is a routine in that a special form of laser is used to melt a additional prostate tissue.
  2. ‘Holmium laser enucleation of a process’: In this process, a additional hankie that blocks a urethra is cut and private by a laser. An instrument called morcellator is used to cut a prostate hankie into tiny pieces so as to mislay it easily.
  3. ‘Photoselective vaporization of a prostate’: This is a routine in that a laser melts divided a neglected prostate tissue.

It has been determined that intake of Vitamin C and Zinc can forestall soft prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Consumption of ethanol in slight quantities is also pronounced to forestall it. Saw Palmetto – a kind of herbal pill that has been traditionally used as a medicine is also effective in box of an lengthened prostate.

The form of laser medicine your alloy will perform depends on several factors, including a distance of your prostate, your health, a form of laser apparatus accessible and your doctor’s training.

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